We are a group of individuals who enjoy Lake Erie living. Whether that is boating, swimming, fishing, or simply living on the lake and enjoying the beauty and tranquility it provides we all choose to make the Lake and its tributaries a large part of our lives. Because of this, we also have noticed that an effort needs to be made to preserve its bounty by reducing contamination and providing clean up efforts whenever possible.



Of course, there are many things that can be done to work toward our goal. One of the most important of these is simple Prevention.

  • Pick up your trash, everywhere, always. Make an actual difference and pick up someone else’s also.

  • Eliminate plastic straws. Many restaurants are noticing they cannot only save money by not using plastic straws but it is also helping our environment by cutting down drastically on waste. Many straws and other non-biodegradable trash find their way into the lakes and tributaries where they damage the ecosystem and distract from natural beauty.

  • Be careful when fueling or pumping waste from boats. There are devices that can also assist with this and we soon hope to have some for sale on the website.

  • Providing education on what things have contributed to our current issues should help prevent future pollution and harmful algae growth.


  • Our goal has always been to focus on cleaning up the many harbors and beaches in Lake Erie with a long term goal of expanding to all Great Lakes.

  • We plan to sponsor “Beach Cleanups” with local schools and organizations. Our many waterways and wetlands will also be a focus of cleanup efforts.

  • We are working in tandem with Private and Public marinas and harbors to not only clean up current pollutants but also to provide products and services that will further the effort long into the future.

  • Improving the water quality of the beaches, marinas and harbors will automatically improve the cleanliness and beauty of the Lake overall. In order to achieve this we have coined “Quantifiable Cleanup”. Many groups are happy to take donations without necessarily showing results, this is not our goal. We will show, in pounds, how much waste we have helped remove from our Lakes and Tributaries, on an annual basis. We can only hope, someday, that we reach a point where adding up our contribution becomes too difficult to sustain.


Preserve Beauty


For Future Generations